The Beginning

So here I am starting a blog about my creative process and how it figures into surviving in “the end of days, Dear.”

These past few years I’ve been mostly working with mixed media, pastel, painting and collage, beginning with botanical abstracts mostly and then branching out into other areas.  Oddly enough my MFA is in poetry.  Graduated from Washington University with that in 2000.

So flowers.  I paint those mostly or I find ways to incorporate them into other themes and pieces.  Someone once told me that my work was all about escaping to some kind of heaven.  So if I had to categorize them, I guess I would have to say, “these pieces are about heaven.”×14-abstract-mixed

For example, this piece, called, “A Room with a View,” where I  have assembled a montage of feathers, glitter paper, gold paint and a movie still depicting Clark Gable and Jean Harlow floating in the ether  "Bathing Beauties"

Above you can see another work called “Bathing Beauties,” which is a mixed media piece incorporating vintage photos, pastel, lace, tissue and gel medium.

I am still trying to figure out how to incorporate links into this text, but for now if you want to find more of my stuff, you can go to and look up tessilustudio.  Thanks for checking this out!

But before you go, have a look at my newest painting, just listed on×14-abstract-mixed


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