Yellow is the color tralala. . .

Photo: Adam Berman; source:

I have had a lot Donovan in my head again lately. . not so much an earworm as a .little butterfly flitting in and out. ..which could be annoying at some point I suppose, but now I’m totally down with it.  😉

So anyway, just because I like to share what I love. ..and so you can listen as you read this:

Which reminds me. ..  I made a video of  work yesterday.  It you haven’t tried this, you ought to!  They have wizards there at Youtube.  I used the one that appears at the end.  They provide the music too.

I also learned that a layer of dioxazine purple under a layer of a mixture of yellow ochre (small dab) payne’s gray (smaller dab) plus white equals the color of my dear sweet and adorable next door neighbor’s sidewalk.

Have an amazing day please

Love to all.  xoxo

PS Dear Great Spirit, and Nature provider of all that is good in the universe, please see that my painting arrives safely SOON to its good and kind recipient who is waiting with the utmost patience upon its arrival.  More hugs and kisses to you as well.


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