Into the Arms of Venus De Milo: Art-Inspired Music

OK first and most obvious of this genre has gotta be this one by Nat King Cole, the smoothest crooner of tunes in a suit and pencil thin tie:

(Click on the link below if you wish to go directly to youtube for Nat, but don’t forget to close the link window and come back after you’ve gone there!)

Here is one from Television:

And just for fun and to give attention to the non-traditional outsider types, an eighties craziness favorite as commentary on traditional religious upbringings (warning: this one is NOT for for the eyes of those who have a strong aversion to irreverent commentary on the Judeo Christian concept of hell, though this blog loves and supports folks from all walks and belief systems with love and open arms. ..but just so you know what you’re getting into here. . . NOTE: If you are someone who remembers how much fun it was to leave the arm of the record player extended to the right for repetition of a favorite tune over and over again. ..clicking on this link will take you back to smoothest crooning instead though.Just don’t forget to close the window afterward and come back for more! ) :

And now for something completely different:

Composer Kenneth Fuchs was inspired by this Andrew Wyeth painting :

"Chritina's World," Andrew Wyeth

Fuchs titled his piece “Christina’s World,” appropriately enough.  (Something you may or may not know about this work is that its model, Christina, was actually a paraplegic and in painting her this way, Wyeth was exploring what it would be like to look upon the horizon from this unique perspective)

And here is one from Stephen Sondheim, drawn for the stage from Seurat’s “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte”:

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grande Jatte, Georges Pierre Seurat

And on that final note, I would just like to invite you to share some of your own art-inspired favorites. . .do you have a work to chat up with the rest of us, one that brings you joy, either from a personal process of discovery or that of another?  (Your offering doesn’t have to be about art-inspired music per se, just inspiration in general.  Maybe you recently knitted a rainbow tea cozy while listening to Dylan’s Idiot Wind for that matter, which would really make for interesting conversation!)

And if so, won’t you leave a link and/or explanation for this/your piece with me in the comments section?




6 responses

  1. Hey, found your blog on Etsy. Here’s one inspired by a song by Matchbox 20.×6-acrylic
    Also, this one was done as part of a group challenge for Beautiful Decay, where we were to try and depict the decay of sound-
    And this one was inspired by what music makes us want to do- dance!

    • Great stuff, Laura. I love the primitive emo aspect of your work. Lots of embellishments giving it a Euro tribal feel too. You are living in one of my favorite cities in the world! Lewisburg is so pretty and picturesque. I studied poetry at Bucknell for a summer. . .it was heaven. Are you a student there?

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