Because What They Say is True–It’s Easier to Put on Slippers, etc. : Wise Words from Stuart Smalley

I will take Al Franken’s comedy over his politics any day of the week.

But please don’t misunderstand my point here.

Because I would vote for him all over again had I actually been able to vote for him in the first place.

I mean here is a creative genius with a pencil at the ready and plus he can find the state of Missouri on a hand-drawn map:  (not exactly sure about that source, but this photo was too good to pass up.  I will totally pay the twenty five cent fine. . . if there is one in the end so no worries to the scholars in the crowd)

His quotes as politician are priceless too.

“If you put the two Bushs together in their over seven years of their two presidencies, not  one new job has been created. Numbers do not lie. If you extrapolated from that, if the Bushs  had run this country from its very beginning to the current time, not one American would have  ever worked. We’d be hunter-gatherers.”  – in response to the 2004 SOTU address

And with this one, he’s really dead-on:

“[G. W. Bush’s] pro-air pollution Clear Skies Initiative is designed to clear the skies of birds.”  – The Truth (with jokes)

By no means am I saying I disagree with someone who can turn a phrase like that and have it make sense, especially in an age when a lot of guys are saying things that make no sense. . .as a matter of fact, it’s the unfunniest stuff that just makes your stomach churn. . . instead of . . .well, uhm. ..shaking like a bowl full of jellybeans or something.

Instead I am simply saying I was already on board as a supporter, years ago, while Franken was still wearing a blow-dried wig and a sweater.
And, in my own humble opinion, I think he may have garnered more love and attention for things like gay marriage and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill in putting a warm and shaven face on these issues, and becoming this weirdly familiar kindred spirit, one that made us feel a little less alone with our own neuroses and isolation.

I mean, what’s not to love?

“But today, I’ve decided to take a risk, and wear a new sweater. It was sent to me by a recovering sex addict, Melissa D., who knitted it herself; she said it gave her something to do with her hands.”

This was a guy we could all laugh with, regardless of religious or political affiliation, secure in the knowledge that our fragile hearts would still go on beating as long as we heeded his nutritional advice:

[Stuart serves a patron in a restaurant]
Stuart Smalley:   Have you had enough time to look at the menu?
Patron:   We’ve had enough time to memorize the menu.
Stuart Smalley:   I’m sorry, I’m having a personal crisis. Can I take your order?
Patron:   For my wife, the Penne Arrabiata; and I will try the oso buoco.
Stuart Smalley:   You know, the oso buko is extremely fatty. You might want to try…
Patron:   I’ll TRY the oso buko. And also the mixed baby field greens.
Stuart Smalley:   Lo-cal vinaigrette?
Patron:   Creamy Caesar.
Stuart Smalley:   On the side?
Patron:   ON THE SALAD.
Stuart Smalley:   Thank you.
Patron:   And I’d like another double-scotch.
Stuart Smalley:  [smiling] No.

And in these days of the worst politically divided climate since dinosaurs ruled the White House, who could argue with universal wisdom such as this:
“Because what they say is true – it’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.”

(Film Quotes and photo are from “Stuart Saves his Family,”  Paramount Pictures, 1995; directed by Harold Ramis; screenplay by Al Franken.)


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