Last Chance to Enter and Vote: TessiluStudio Holiday Gift Give-away: Two Fine Starving Art Prints Can Be Yours Including (whee!) Postage, a $36.00 value :

(First posted on 10/31/11: and yes, you can vote for yourself this week and bring your friends to enter and vote)

OK, blogfans, here is your chance to get a jump on holiday shopping before the pumpkin hits the pavement and is run over by a herd of suburban utility vehicles.

TessiluStudio is offering you this chance to win your choice of two 8 1/2 x 11  prints, postage paid, delivered to your door in time for Christmas!

Here is the list of 3 contest rules :

1. First visit the TessiluStudio website and choose 2 prints you would like to have for free. (more below. . .)

2. Leave a comment on this (here) blog  explaining what you like most about these prints.

In other words, tell me why you like these prints and describe how you will use them after they arrive in the mail.

(Do you plan to wrap each one in silver paper, then decorate with sprinkles and silk flowers, and distribute lovingly among your children’s college profs?

Will you happily display them in your retro seventies rumpus room, each print framed in gogo-ring pink, haphazardly arranged then hung from psychedelic paper chains over the avocado beanbag couch?

Please note that it’s OK if you don’t have a kid old enough for college or a rumpus room though.  Just be crazy if you must and make stuff up!)

3. Use one method of social media to invite friends to this contest.   Cut and paste your invitation in the comment box followed by the name of the social network where you posted it (twitter, facebook, etc.)

The winner will be chosen on the basis of craziness, creativity, and enthusiasm expressed in the comment submission, this selection process based on the results of a reader poll conducted during Thanksgiving week. In case of a tie, there will be a drawing of names from finalists to determine the winner.

The winner will then be announced on this blog during Thanksgiving week (the date will be a kept a secret under lock and pick, so you will have to check each day to see if you’ve won stuff) and the prize awarded after the winner responds in the comment portion of this blog to claim his/her prize.

Best of luck to everyone and please post any questions in the comments section!  Weirdness is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged!   🙂

Here are the comments/entries received so far: choose your favorite in the comment section so I can notify the winner on Monday via this blog. You may also enter (and/or vote for yourself) this week.  Thanks!

Dina: Favorite prints are: Vintage Inspired Pastel Roses and Lace Contemporary Country Print                                 Spring Linen with Crocus and Tulips

If I win I am planning to frame them and give them to my mom.  She is getting ready to move into a new house and these would be so sweet to put on her wall.  (not at all crazy i know :/ )

MY invitation via my personal  facebook page: “Come check out this giveaway for 2 Art Prints!  :)   chances are pretty good for winning!”


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