On His Own Like a Rolling Stone: Just Found Neil Young’s Video Response to Don’t Look Back. . .

The Rainbow

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Can’t forget what happened  yesterday

Though my friends say  don’t look back

I can feel it coming  through me

Like an echo

Like a photograph

–Neil Young

Be careful what you wish for, people tell us from the moment we begin to reach and dream, you just might get it.  And at times, that kind of warning may even sound like encouragement, ironically, and perhaps that’s where the trouble begins. . .we like the unpredictable uncertainty of longing too. . .the escapist notion of “if only”. . . “as soon as”. . .”at which time”

Somewhere over the rainbow. . .

Way up. . .


But so much for escapism when you get there. . .because where did that kind of talk get Dorothy anyway. . .the flyer into the flying plan. . .

A Photoshop crop of a screenshot of Bob Dylan,...

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So if rainbows are too much for you, then here is something I found through a friend (THANKS, SWEDIE). . .kinda like Oz, just cut back to the beginning again, back to black and white. . . and very much like Dylan if you will; in fact this clip is so reminiscent of “Don’t Look Back,” it’s  like the sequel that shows it can be done. . .

like a complete unknown. . .

like a rolling stone. . .


(sadly this one cuts off before he finishes, but if you want to go back to Oz with Neil, you can do that here:)

and here is my piece that is sort of over the rainbow as well you might say:

--Tess Farnham, Waltz II


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