Laffy Taffy for the Holidays: Putting the Crack back in Christmas

Religion and Politics.

Two topics that nice girls don’t talk about if they want to get asked to dance.

So we sit on our hands . . .we keep our knees together. . .and make nice. . .

Kathy Bates, Misery, 1990. directed by Rob Reiner:

And sometimes this works out OK.  Sometimes it’s good to just be able to sit and fade into the ether with Sid Vicious

or Justin Bieber. . .

or some other awesome stranger who can come along and carry us off to the scariest part of town. . .

Come any closer, and I will pull the pin!


But sometimes. . .somehow. . .no matter how you hard to try to be a good girl and soldier on, even in the stickiest of conditions. . .

something’s gotta give. . .

Lactating Mary and Newton Herman Perry, “Home for the Holidays,”  1492, director: Chris Columbus


12 responses

  1. I like the photos but I don’t want to appear an idiot (which I will blunder on to do anyway) however, I don’t quite understand the post. Is it to do with a book? A short review? I would love to know 🙂
    On another note I like the clean layout of your blog, simple but effective 🙂

  2. And now I’ve just been reading enough of your stuff to see that you’re across the pond from me. ..that last part is a US political reference. . .you’d have to be watching the presidential debates to understand the insanity I’m getting at there in the last part. 🙂 (Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Rick Perry are all candidates for the ahm. ..conservative party here. ..hypocritical warmongering greedy Christians who kind of BS everyone into believing they are a bunch of divine messengers. ..and you know. ..Columbus is the guy who supposedly discovered America in 1492, meanwhile he sent these letters home to Spain telling the Queen that he’d found the place loaded with gold. ..and it would be OK for them to come over and take it because the Native Americans were “heathen savages” and expendable. Chris Columbus is ALSo the name of an American film director, the guy who makes family Christmas films here. . .”HOme Alone” and Christmas with the Kranks. . .but also “Harry Potter”. . .

      • Yeah, well I need to brush up on my Pixie dust before I do any dancin. . . 🙂
        (and much as I want you to think I’m a genius with a tunagraphic memory, I had to google that line. “Here Comes Your Man is an old favorite though.” Ironically, the little brother who introduced me to punk is a tatooed Republican now! )

      • “Tunagraphic”.Awesome word. The possibly dance has turned into a “I can’t dance and mostly looks like I am going into convulsions but would you care to dance” dance.
        A former punk gone Republican? And tattooed? Hmm, is he faking it so he can destroy it from the inside? (On a similar note, Ronald Reagan’s son said he can’t be president because he is an atheist, and America doesn’t like atheists running their country.)
        My friend who introduced my to Pixies is now married with three kids, not as much of a change as going republican though.

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