Our Art is All Made of Stars: On Finding a Twin Spirit on the Tumblr

Today right off the bat, as I opened the dashboard on my tumblr account, smack!  this image hits me right between the eyes.  Seriously!  Like pow right in the kisser and then some!

Really engaging you know. . .understated. ..movie star glamour, movie star glamour ..and beautiful and minimalist yet oddly sort of disturbingly like a few of the works from my own portfolio. ..online portfolio, also mind you. ..except you know minimalist!

Minimalist and kickass!

(which if I had a lick of sense I would learn to do myself instead of so many feathers and flourishes all the time. ..alas poor Yorick I knew he used too much mascara.)

English: Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet.

Image via Wikipedia

But back to my initial rant.  About the work that wasn’t mine. . .

I know! Yipes, right?  My ideas are still mine and nobody else can borrow.

Just look adoringly and you know longingly. . .with much respect and appreciation for the genius that isn’t me.

Bimbo Breads Logo

Image via Wikipedia

me thinking I had been so original with that star man stuff. . .first using a small school of fish to represent he form of an intangible man, young girl embracing it as if. ..well  you know, aria and chrysanthemums everywhere. ..

--Tess Farnham "Ophelia and the School of Fish," 9x12 collage

Tess Farnham, mixed media, 9x12

So of course the minimalist version of either of those would just be this:

English: A catwalk for the gutter.

Image via Wikipedia

A piece that is called ironically enough, “Catwalk for the Gutter.”

So anyway, sadness sets in when I see this  Tumblr collage image that depicts, sigh,  a bombshell from the fifties (silky locks, slinky evening gown.) .locked in an embrace with a silhouette of stars, I think to myself:

Hey!  Wait a minute!  I save stars!  I mean books and books of stars in my life here!

Nebulas, and galaxies and Chevy Novas!

And damn, I wanted that woman embracing a silouhette of star-like stuff to just be mine.

But then I remembered something. . .kind of in the back of my head. . .

"The moonlit knight" Genesis, Massey...

Image via Wikipedia

Sledgehammer video.  Peter Gabriel.  Circa something the eighties. . .

Guy made of stars. . .remember that, sort of this big hulking dude all made of stars.

at any rate, whatever you do, do not let yourself be tempted to google images using these keywords “Sledgehammer star man.”  All you get is a screen full of porn!

And then you know there’s Moby.  As in the opposite of minimalist concrete art. ..and this song, which is pretty great too.  So I guess, it wasn’t my idea anyway. . . not anybody’s really.  Just part of the fabric of you and me all woven together like a sweater. . .made of yeah, you guessed it:


7 responses

  1. I remember the first time I found out we are made of stardust. I never looked at stars the same way again.

    And how can you not be subliminally inspired by Sledgehammer? Especially if you are like me and grew up in the 80s when MTV was new and music videos were on nearly everywhere. Sledgehammer stands out.

    • Oh, God yes. That was the era of MTV being so amazing. ..I would sit mesmerized by it for hours on end.

      The Talking Heads were just coming into their own too. . . Do you remember “And She Was”? That was just trancendent. It made me so happy to watch. 🙂 Good influences too. Reminds me of how badly I need to get back to my meditation practice. 🙂

      • Oh The Talking Heads. I had a break from music from about 5-12. And at 12 my choices weren’t that great. But The Talking Heads were one of the bands that brought me back to the good side of the tracks. I remember seeing the video when I was younger. Then I moved and lost track of MTV. Then I found it again and made bad choices (although I can still sing some old Paula Abdul with the best of them.). Then MTV was removed from my cable company, either it cost too much to run it or because it promoted bad behavior (Bible Belt).
        Then My friends started listening to Metalica and Megadeath. And I found The Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails, and Pixies.
        My friends and I slowly started drifting apart at that time, they wanted to destroy stuff and I wanted to understand stuff. Not saying the music made us want those choices, just a coincidence maybe.
        But yes, I remember “And She Was”. And one of the good things about Youtube is old MTV.
        Congratulations, you received one of the longest comments I have ever written.

      • Oh, wow. Bible belt. Yeah. I was raised in Catholic school. ..strange that so many rebels come from all that religious oppression stuff. 🙂 So longest comment. Music will do that to ya. (Now if only I could inspire my students this way!)

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