“The lannnnguage of loooove has left me stony gray.  Tongue-tied and twisted at the price I’ve had to pay e aaay.  Dumb hearts get broken just like china cups.  The language of loooooooooooooooove has left me     broken    on the rocks.”  —Annie Lennox

That was yesterday.

Diva (Annie Lennox album)

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And a lot of days leading up to it, admittedly.

One of those turning points, you know, when the universe seems to have blotted your name from the roster. . . the blood barely moves through your veins. . .a bag of that birdshot ingested as if from a dystopian short story.

And so you sit with that for awhile.  You drag yourself from task to task, heart pumping chunks of plastic and acid, stomach turning over and over. . .and the tremors and trembling. . .

If there is an ounce of mercy in this universe, let me evaporate please.  I want to go home.

All the while the friends floating in the ether around you. . .


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