Speaking of the Moon and Music

The last performer I saw in concert in the decade previous to this one was Joan Baez.  She was stunning as usual, looking fit and healthy as a sexagenarian who’s devoted over four decades to passionate activism through the sharing of songs and empathic insights.

Konzert Joan Baez in Dresden am 04. Juli 2008 ...

Konzert Joan Baez in Dresden am 04. Juli 2008 | Joan Beaz concert in Dresden / Germany, July 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her voice still strong and clear as ever.  I have always loved her covers of Dylan best.  And at times I’ve thought she had nailed it . . even better than Bob could do.  Here are Percy’s Song and Love is Just a Four Letter Word.

I can’t remember if she actually sang Percy’s Song, (damn that’s a beauty) since the concert  was a few years ago, but I do remember that she did my all time favorite Joan Baez song, the one she’s remembered for composing on the topic of Bob.  😉

Anyway after she finished her first encore, the crowd went as crazy as middle-aged people can go for more and as everyone was clapping and howling, I heard someone shout from a few rows ahead of me: Take it to the Full Moon, Joanie.

And there it was, the one I had been waiting for all night:

OK I’m going to be quiet now. . .and just let you listen to the beauty of this.

And next  speaking of tongues, here is one more song with the moon in it.

Rock on!  I am done here.  xo


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