Eleventeen Reasons I Love Bob Dylan, to be cont.

1. Rewriting the definition of sexy to include ninety-three pound readers of Verlaine and Rimbaud.

Bob Dylan and The Band touring in Chicago, 197...

Bob Dylan and The Band touring in Chicago, 1974 (Left to right: Rick Danko (bass), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Bob Dylan (guitar), Levon Helm(drums)) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  1. Hi, I’m not entirely sure how I came to be following you but I notice that your previous post was way back, perhaps I’m thinking, did you do some blues paintings, (blues women) either way it don’t matter coz I was delighted to look at my reader and see this song at the top.
    From the blood on the tracks album I got hooked on three tunes, this one, simple twist of fate and shelter from the storm. Part of the reason I love it apart from the melody is how the lyrics go from simple as in “when somethings not right it’s wrong” to “mine have been like Verlaine and Rimbaud” I play guitar and learnt all these songs, it’;s a strange album because every song is in the same tuning and same key which is very unusual. But I’ll stop there because I’m trying to write shorter comments or else “you gonna make me give myself a good talking to” Excellent thank you and welcome back…
    Is it simple twist of fate next week, I’ve got a theory of what it’s about.
    Take care, enjoy be happy thanks,

    • Aww. ..well, I’m a writing teacher so I think it’s lovely that you take the space to express yourself so eloquently. I appreciate you noticing my posts. I think Shelter from the Storm is nothing short of a masterwork. It’s Bob at his most poignant, most heartfelt. . .and that progression. (I don’t know what you call the guitar part as I’m not a music scholar but I love how those strummings just move it forward like a little creek full of stones and stories. Juxtaposition of joy and sorrow. . .he’s so good at. “A poet from the thirteenth century” that line sent me to reading The Divine Comedy. . ..but that’s how it’s been with most of his work when I hear it. ..I want to know more, want to get at how it came to be. đŸ™‚ Thanks again, Mark.

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