Eleventeen Reasons I Love Bob Dylan, cont.

Bob Dylan y Suze Rotolo

Bob Dylan y Suze Rotolo (Photo credit: blogpocket)

2.   The sweetness of this photo.  I have always thought that for Bob, Suze was the.  ONE.  That got.  Away.


2 responses

  1. Another excellent Bob song. I always viewed “Boots Of Spanish Leather” as the sibling of “Girl From The North Country” in the sense that the chord structure and melody are virtually the same. Also when people who say Bob Dylan can’t sing, this would be one of the songs I would use as evidence and say “If you can sing it with more character then I’ll agree with you” but I’m certain no one could be as real and as heartfelt as Bob on this track.
    There’s a site I found a few years ago called “Dylanchords” which is primarily a guitar site but it also includes excellently written intelligent essays on Bob and his songwriting, this link will take you to the index of those collected essays http://dylanchords.info/professors/index.htm

    • Funny I was thinking of Girl from the North Country when I posted that. It’s beautiful and both steal from Scarborough Fair, don’t they? 🙂 And it’s nuts that people are so narrow-minded about voices. You can hear his heart breaking when he sings and that is what is beautiful about it. My Swedish pal likes dylanchords for his playing. So I know about that site, but haven’t been to look. I love Greil Marcus’ book on Like a Rolling Stone. He’s a poet too.

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