Summer Floral Abstract. . .

Tess Farnham, "Transcendence" 10x10 acrylic on cradled birch

Tess Farnham, “Transcendence” 10×10 acrylic on cradled birch

This piece incorporates lace with acrylic paint, opalescent pigment powder and gloss medium to produce its textural and tactile aspects.  Check out other views of it on Etsy:


New Work this Week and Just Listed

on Etsy as prints:

Tess Farnham, "Study in Lavender and Light" acrylic on canvas, 24x30

Tess Farnham, “Study in Lavender and Light” acrylic on canvas, 24×30




New Work: Marilyn in Solar Eclipse

So this is how I lifted myself out of the doldrums over the weekend.  I just put myself into Marilyn’s dress and went to outer space.  If you look closely, you will see the car that jumped over the moon!

Inspiration Day!

So this week I’ve been working in the garden, mudding and digging, but also getting some ideas for new paintings.  Scents and textures outside always rev up my senses; my fingers itch to find a paintbrush (or a sennlier soft pastel) and start moving it around.

I took some beautiful tripod iris photos under an overcast sky and also some photos of new work.  I now have this photo taped alongside a nice roomy 22×28 canvas. ..(i think it’s 22?) So now it’s time to head out to the St. Louis Art Museum and follow some brushstrokes.  Good times!

Meanwhile, here is a my collage in honor of Bob Dylan’s seventieth birthday!

Bob Dylan inspired Handmade Fine Art Collage: Tambourine Dreams

“tambourine dreams”